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Mrs. Barb T.

"Our family met Eunice Holmes, and her wonderful family, in the summer of 1996.  We were new in town, and asked virtually everyone we came across, if they knew of a "wonderful piano teacher."  Eunice was HIGHLY recommended by many people that we had met: neighbors, moms at the library, people at our church, etc. Our daughter had already completed a couple of years of piano lessons, where we lived previously, so we knew what we wanted and did not want in an instructor: someone who was knowledgeable, passionate about teaching, kept the students accountable to home practice, and someone who made learning fun and would encourage the passion for the instrument!
To make a long story short:  Our daughter took piano from Mrs. Holmes from that summer, as one who would be entering 3rd grade, until she completed her junior year of high school when we moved to Arizona, 9.5 years later!
Although our daughter is now 21, she STILL has a passion for the piano, that stems from her mentor/teacher, Mrs. Holmes!
~Barb T.
(formerly of Frankenmuth, MI  ~ currently of Gilbert,  AZ)

Adam T.

-I always looked forward to my lessons with Mrs. Holmes. She always made me feel comfortable and at ease during her lessons. Mrs. Holmes always found a way to get more out of me than I thought possible.

-She is very knowledgeable, encouraging and a brilliant player in her own right! Thanks for all your time and patience with me!

Sincerely, Drs. Andrea and James M.

Dear prospective parents and students,
Our three daughters had taken piano lessons from Eunice for many years.  Our oldest daughter had two teachers previous to Eunice.  Eunice is an excellent teacher.  The older two daughters always got #1 ratings on their solos for Lutheran Music Fest.  Eunice was always interested in the girls as people outside of piano and would make a point of asking them questions about their outside activities and interests.  Eunice was very flexible with the girl's schedules for sports.  We have found very few teachers that are willing to do this.  She never discouraged our girls and always tried to find ways to increase their interest in the piano.  We had always wanted our girls to grow to love playing the piano and she definitely accomplished this.  We miss her terribly and wish she could still instruct our girls.  We highly recommend Eunice Holmes for a piano teacher for all ages.

Chelsea M.

Mrs. Holmes gave me piano lessons beginning in 1st grade up until 10th grade. I have really learned to appreciate music. Whenever I get the chance, I love to sit at the piano and play. Mrs. Holmes has a huge heart and she spent the time each lesson to catch up with each of her students. Her lessons taught us a ton, but they were never overwhelming or scary. I loved that she would let us learn music that we wanted to play, such as something from our favorite movie or CD. She wasn't strict on teaching us something that was dull or boring. Her methods of teaching us were very effective, along with following a set of music books, she also used flash cards and a computer program which made it very fun. With Mrs. Holmes direction I played at our Lutheran Schools Music Festival five years and I always scored very highly. Mrs. Holmes is a wonderful and special lady who taught me everything I know. Although I can not take lessons anymore I continue to play the piano for fun and I know it is something I will be able to do throughout my life.
Thank you and love from,
Chelsea (grade 11)


Beth T. P.

"If Eunice lived near me, I'd want to take lessons from her. She is talented and patient! "

A.P. Maciulis M.D.

For someone who started learning the piano in his late years as a personal form of relaxation, but especially for a young beginner, there is no substitute for a good and effective piano teacher as Eunice Holmes.

She is able to communicate the basics of piano in a very kind and effective manner that does not intimidate the novice piano player, because of her teaching philosophy that is based on being compatible with the student even if it is necessary to continue the piano instruction that is more consistent with the initial capabilities of the student.

I highly recommend Eunice Holmes as a piano teacher.

A.P. Maciulis M.D.

Lisa T.

We miss you if you were here Kramer would still be jamming with you.  Eunice he plays the piano every day, really every morning and a few times through the is his stress release and its in him.  I attribute this to you!!!  Now he has a violin........oh the places you have taken young musicians!!!

Lisa J.

okay I would say that as a piano teacher you are very understanding - you realize we students have a life outside of piano and it's not all we think about 24/7 but at the same time you make the most out of the lesson by pushing for the best possible musical ability that somebody has. the environment you created in the piano room and the way you talked with me made me feel very comfortable.. besides the fact i knew you for like 12 years haha, but it helps that you talked with me during the lesson. it was fun for me. i always looked forward to coming, even if it never seemed like it cuz i was so busy. you yourself are soo talented and i think it rubs off on the kids you teach.. and you know how to explain things in a manner for all sorts of people to understand. ummm i think that's all for now? so basically - understanding, talented, fun, strive for the best of your students in a non-evil way, and helpful to all

Amy F.

I loved piano lessons with Mrs. Holmes.  She taught me so much and was very personable.  She understands that kids are busy and they can't always practice every day.  She knows how much a student can handle in a given week and doesn't assign more than can be accomplished.  On top of being a great teacher, she makes sure she knows the student on a personal level.

 - Amy

Eric N.

- As an athlete, taking piano lessons really helped to release some tension and anxiety that comes with playing competitive sports.

- Playing piano helps your school work as well by forcing you to focus on reading notes and music.

- For me, piano lessons allowed me to better round myself and my personality for future jobs and social outings.

Maricopa, AZ

Kayla K.

Mrs Holmes:  I only took piano lessons from her for about a year.....she made me feel like I had known her forever.  She'd really try to get to know you which is extremely helpful and really makes you feel welcome.  She taught me alot, and is a great person.

Madison M. (9th grader)

"I just want to let anyone know who is taking lessons from Mrs. Holmes that she taught me a lot. I had a lot of fun while learning how to play the piano. She was very flexible with scheduling around my sports. Even though I am not taking lessons now, I still love to play the piano and I give thanks to Mrs. Holmes for this.

Neil B.

"Taking piano lessons from Mrs. Holmes was a great experience from my childhood. A great home-like atmosphere that will help you relax and focus on the keys! She is very passionate about piano and can teach many levels or generations. I really enjoyed my 5 years of lessons from her. Piano is a great way to introduce music into one's life!"

Jim M.

"Ms. Holmes you were by far the best piano teacher I could have ever learned from. You had so much patience with me whenever I could not quite master the music and always helped me to thoroughly learn the music. All of the piano books really helped me to understand all of the different aspects of music that, through a cumulative process of skill building, helped me play extremely difficult pieces of music. Your encouragement for me to participate in Music Festivals really helped to increase my confidence as well! I wish that you still lived in town so I could continue to learn from you. Thank you so much for all that you have taught me!!!!!!"

Mrs. Martha V.

"Mrs. Holmes was an excellent piano teacher.  She made both of my young children feel comfortable learning something new.  I loved that she let them play music which they picked together.  I think it's important that the student is interested in what they are learning / practicing.  Mrs. Holmes is very patient, encouraging, and caring.  I would highly recommend her as a piano teacher for all ages!"

Rachel H.

Well, for me taking piano lessons was a very enjoyable experience, and I like how you take the time to actually know the students - ask what they do with their time besides playing piano. =] Also when it came time to get ready for recital, I liked how you helped to find a song that was my level but also one that sounded cool and was one that fit my style.


Jake B.

I still play piano for fun and even do some instrumental music for independent films on the side.  I have one of my piano lesson certificates that you gave me years ago, good memories :)  I'm very thankful for all of our lessons together.

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